The Department of Sport Science and Sport (DSS) at FAU exists for more than twenty years now. The fusion of the Institute of Sports Science with the Sports Centre in 2001 was aligned with a specialization on the topics of “physical activity and health” and laid the foundation for becoming one of the leading sport science institutions in Germany.

Today, DSS clearly ranks among the top comparable institutions in Germany in terms of research work and the acquisition of third-party funding. The four scientific research areas “Public Health and Physical Activity”, “Physical Activity and Health”, “Education in Sport” and “Sport and Exercise Medicine” pursue individual- and population-related approaches that address current challenges in prevention and rehabilitation.

It goes without saying that the latest research results are directly incorporated into university teaching. Our approximately 1,500 students currently enrolled in the teaching training programme, Master of Arts and doctoral programmes benefit from this. In addition, the diverse projects in applied research and interdisciplinary cooperation ensure a close integration of science and practice. The current collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) –DSS is the official WHO cooperation centre for the promotion of physical activity– is an example of this.