At present, around 1,200 students are enrolled at the two DSS locations in Erlangen and Nuremberg. The Department has also undergone an impressive development in this area in the last decade: the number of students has more than doubled in this period. The Department offers a modularised physical education teaching programme, which in addition to the state examination also offers a Bachelor’s degree, an English-language Master’s programme and a doctoral programme.

The introduction of an independent Bachelor’s programme is also planned for the next few years, which will further expand the Department’s comprehensive range of courses.

Physical Education Teaching Programme

DSS offers comprehensive modularised training for future sports teachers in the following fields:

  • Secondary schools
  • Primary schools
  • As a didactics subject

In addition, students can acquire the “Basic Sports Qualification”. In addition, there are offerings for the subject Business Education with the double compulsory elective Sport.

The “new” teacher training programme focuses on the professionalisation approach with a consistent gearing towards the varied and demanding field of school sports. The combination of scientific and didactic training objectives and contents – based on the educational standards formulated by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany – aims at the consecutive development of relevant knowledge and skills in the central competence areas of teaching, educating, assessment and innovation. In doing so, user-focused teaching and learning forms, cooperative planning and interactive action by students play a central role.

DSS places a special emphasis on the subject of health promotion at school and uses a specially developed didactic concept to prepare students for their future careers:
In special project seminars, which are held in cooperation with local schools, they learn to apply their knowledge in the field of sport and health under the special conditions of the school environment.

International Master’s in “Physical Activity and Health”

The international Master’s programme “Physical Activity and Health” offers students with a BA or comparable degree in-depth knowledge and practical experience in movement-related health promotion and rehabilitation. The two-year programme taught entirely in English is characterised by small course sizes and concentrates on the conceptualisation, implementation and evaluation of intervention strategies to promote physical activity.

Through their active participation, the students acquire knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Intervention strategies for the promotion of physical activity and in the field of public health policy
  • Promotion of physical activity in specific settings, e.g. companies and schools, as well as for specific target groups, e.g. immigrants and older people
  • Individualised exercise and health promotion programmes for people with special health risks, e.g. back pain and osteoporosis
  • Quality assurance and management in the promotion of physical activity
  • Scientific evaluation of exercise and health promotion programmes

Part-time Bachelor’s in Sports Science

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