DOSB Project – “Immigrants and Remained”

With its new project, the German Olympic Sports Confederation – supported by the Federal Ministry of Health – wants to encourage older migrants to take part in sports clubs that offer sports activities geared to physical activity.

The project is scientifically supported by the Department of Sport Science and Sport of FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg.

In addition to a process and result evaluation, it is the task of the ISS to accompany the activities of the DOSB and its member associations in their work with hard-to-reach target groups on the basis of the Institute’s application-oriented scientific experience. The aim is to gain insights into which solutions organised sport can successfully implement in its structures for the promotion of physical activity and health among migrant elders.

The project “Immigrants and Remained – Target Group-Specific Health Promotion with a Special Focus on Older Women and Men with a Migration Background” runs over a period of three years. The aim is to motivate older migrants aged 60 and over to take more exercise and physical activity. The member associations and associations of the DOSB develop target-group-specific offers and measures.

In detail, the project will develop and test promising offers for health promotion. It is important that ways are found to reach these population groups. Furthermore, target group-specific offers and measures of organised sport will be conceived and implemented and the member associations and clubs of the DOSB will be sensitised to the concerns of older people with a migration background. Within the framework of the project, intensive cooperation is taking place with migrant organisations, but also with other partners.

The DOSB is the umbrella organisation of German sport and unites 98 member organisations with more than 91,000 clubs and 27.8 million memberships. For more than 25 years, the DOSB has been committed to the integration of fellow citizens with a migration background into organised sport in Germany. The “Immigrants and Remained” project can therefore build on the experience of various DOSB projects. Thanks to its infrastructure and expertise, the DOSB offers good conditions for holistic health promotion among older migrants. The aim is to ensure that the project results are sustainably transferred into the broad association and association structure of the DOSB.

Brief overview

Period: June 2013 – May 2016
Contact persons: Andrea Wolff and Dr. Annika Frahsa
Sponsor: DOSB, funded by the Federal Ministry of Health