Study programmes for Erasmus+ students

In general, there are two study programmes to choose the lessons for the learning agreement.

Please note!
Students are only eligible to select classes from the MA programme if they fulfil the admission requirements. These include at least a BA degree and, for non-native speakers, a level B2 English language certificate.

Semester terms:

Autumn term (Oct-Feb): Semester 1. /3. /5. /7.
Spring term (Apr-Jul): Semester 2. / 4. / 6. / 8.


Physical Education Teaching Programme

This programme is for all types of German schools and offered in German only.

Course programme:

Course Programme – Physical Education

Detailed course description of Teaching Programme (German):

Modulhandbuch MS Didaktik 2016_02-1


Master’s Programme “Physical Activity and Health”

The Master’s programme is a full time study programme for international students and offered in English only.

Programme structure: