Research projects

Research field “Behavioural exercise therapy”

STAR BewegTheReha
Physical activity-related health competence: theory development, assessment development and network formation Pedometer-based intervention as part of pneumological rehabilitation to promote a physically active lifestyle in people with COPD Survey of exercise therapy in medical rehabilitation

Research field “Digitalised physical activity promotion”

ms-bewegt COPD-AReNa
Promotion of physical activity with an internet-based e-health counselling and training programme for people with multiple sclerosis
App-based rehabilitation aftercare program for persons with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Research field “Structures and Dissemination”

BewegtVersorgt VERBUND
Establishment of supply chains to promote physical activity for people with non-communicable diseases Dissemination and cooperative implementation of municipal physical activity promotion in Germany
Physical Activity-related Health Competence in Apprenticeship and Vocational Education Policy Evaluation Network