Research projects

Research field “Motor control and Health” (PD Dr. Steib)

Facilitating Motor Skill Learning by Aerobic Training in Parkinson’s Disease Sensorimotor training in motor rehabilitation in patients with Parkinson’s Disease Examination of injury and fatigue-related changes in sensorimotor control

Research field “Behavioural exercise therapy”

STAR-Project BewegTheReha
Physical activity-related health competence: theory development, assessment development and network formation Pedometer-based intervention as part of pneumological rehabilitation to promote a physically active lifestyle in people with COPD Survey of exercise therapy in medical rehabilitation

Research field “Digitalised physical activity promotion”

ms-bewegt ms-intakt Bad Wildbad GeMeinSam aktiv
Promotion of physical activity with an internet-based e-health counselling and training programme for people with multiple sclerosis
Internet-based physical activity promotion in persons with multiple sclerosis Sport and MS: the platform for exercise and sport for people with multiple sclerosis

Research field “Structures and Dissemination”

BewegtVersorgt KOMBINE
Establishment of supply chains to promote physical activity for people with non-communicable diseases Municipal physical activity to implement national recommendations
Physical Activity-related Health Competence in Apprenticeship and Vocational Education Policy Evaluation Network