User regulations

Preliminary remarks on the use of language:
The designation of female and male persons by the respective masculine form in the following regulations does not adequately fulfil the mission of the higher education institution to achieve the constitutionally required equality of men and women within the framework of its tasks and to eliminate the disadvantages existing for women. However, the use of dual forms or other means for female and male persons is dispensed with in order to maintain legibility and clarity. All personal designations used in the text always refer to both sexes.

§ 1 – General information

The Pleinfeld Water Sports Centre in 91785 Pleinfeld, Am Brombachsee 6, is an institution of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. It is under the management of the Department of Sport Science and Sport.
The Water Sports Centre serves to train students of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in sports programmes and in general university sports.
The management of the Department for Sport Science and Sport regulates the responsibility on site on the property of the Water Sports Centre.

§ 2 – Group of users

The training of sports students has priority in terms of access to the Water Sports Centre. In addition, the Water Sports Centre is available to members of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg for general university sports.
The use of the Water Sports Centre by persons not attending the University requires the approval of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, represented by the Department of Sport Science and Sport.
The same applies to clubs, groups or schools.

§ 3 – Free of charge, liability to pay costs

The use of the Water Sports Centre is free of fees and expenses (Art. 85 Para. 1 BayHSchG) for students of sports programmes within the framework of sports training; otherwise it is subject to a fee. The fees and charges for the fee-based use of the Water Sports Centre are set by the University’s Executive Board.

§ 4 – Operation

The management of the Department of Sport Science and Sport ensures that the property, the premises, facilities, equipment and boats as well as technical equipment are in a safe operating condition. It monitors compliance with safety regulations, initiates prescribed safety investigations and works towards compliance with accident prevention regulations.

§ 5 – User obligations

The premises, installations, equipment, boats and technical facilities of the Water Sports Centre (facilities) shall be treated with care.
Defects and damage to facilities in accordance with Sentence 1 shall be reported to the instructors or the person responsible on site.
The same applies to damages resulting from the use of facilities according to Sentence 1. Anyone who improperly uses facilities in accordance with Para. 1 Sentence 1 may be completely or partially excluded from using the Water Sports Centre, in particular if there are grounds to expect a repetition of this behaviour. Instructions issued by teaching and supervisory personnel must be observed.

§ 6 – Supplementary regulations on use

The management of the Department of Sport Science and Sport may issue supplementary regulations for the use of individual facilities pursuant to § 5 Para. 1 Sentence 1.
The regulations on use, including the supplementary regulations pursuant to Para. 1, shall be clearly displayed for users in the Water Sports Centre.

§ 7 – Times of use and occupancy

The management of the Department of Sport Science and Sport determines the times of use. It shall decide on the use and occupancy of the facilities mentioned in § 5 Para. 1 Sentence 1.

§ 8 – Building and site regulations

Persons under the age of 18 may only enter the Water Sports Centre under the supervision of instructors or persons authorised by the management of the Department of Sport Science and Sport. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to enter the building, which is not built in accordance with childproofing measures.
Access to the Water Sports Centre is electronically controlled and monitored, and entry points close automatically.
They may only be kept open as long as absolutely necessary (access, equipment hire, delivery, removal).
The Water Sports Centre makes an ecological contribution through its photovoltaic and solar hot water system.
The users are obliged to support this contribution by economical use of energy and hot water consumption.
There is an absolute ban on smoking in the building; in addition, fires and open flames are not permitted. Camp fires are not permitted in the entire area of the Water Sports Centre.
The water sports centre has only a few parking spaces.
Parking in the in-house parking spaces is only permitted with special permission or for a short time for loading and unloading.
Public parking spaces subject to charges are available above the entrance to the building.
Public transport is recommended. The lawns must not be used.
When occupied by different groups, special consideration must be given to noise disturbance. All noise must stop at 10 pm.
Overnight stays in the building and on the grounds of the Water Sports Centre are only permitted with the consent of the management of the Department of Sport Science and Sport.
Fire extinguishers, automatically closing doors, smoke detectors and emergency lighting are part of the life-saving fire protection equipment in the building.
The condition and function of these facilities must not be changed under any circumstances. Escape routes must be kept clear.
Upon arrival, users must familiarise themselves with the safety devices and escape route plan. The lockers in the changing rooms are only intended for use during sporting activities; permanent use is not permitted.
Pets are not allowed on the premises of the Water Sports Centre. The toilets must be carefully cleaned and flushed.
The building and outdoor facilities must be left tidy and clean.
Strict waste separation must be observed: Waste is to be disposed of carefully and separately in the designated containers (household waste, organic waste, paper, recyclable waste); glass, metal and containers for which deposits are refunded must be taken with you. Unused food must be taken with you.
When leaving the building, all electrical appliances must be switched off, the windows, skylights and access doors closed and the lights extinguished.

§ 9 – Liability

Unless liability for accidents exists by law (statutory accident insurance for students), liability for accidents is excluded.
The groups of users pursuant to § 2 Paras 2. and 3 shall not be liable for damage to property and financial loss, in particular for loss, theft and damage to items brought in.
By using the Centre, the users acknowledge the exclusion of liability.
Users according to § 2 Paras. 2 und 3 must declare in writing that they indemnify the Free State of Bavaria as the owner of the Water Sports Centre against all damages.

§ 10 – Effective date

These Regulations shall enter into force on the day following their execution.

Adopted by the Executive Board of the University on 31 March 2004
Erlangen, 2 April 2004
signed Prof. Dr. Karl-Dieter Grüske, Rector