Completed research projects

Physical activity recommendations (2015-2017)
The project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Health, comprises both the conception and the dissemination of National Recommendations for Physical Activity and Physical Activity Promotion for the Federal Republic of Germany.


logo_erasmus_klein EPHEPA (2016-2017)
… is an EU-funded project with the aim to support the implementation of EU policies in the areas of sport and health enhancing physical activity (HEPA).


Logo JANPA JANPA (2015-2017)
… is an EU-funded project on nutrition and physical activity. The main objective is to stop the increase of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents in all Member States by 2020.


impalanet (2015-2016)
The aim of the European Union funded project is to promote access to and participation in Heath Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) through sport.


EU Tender (2015)
Implementation of the EU guidelines for physical activity.


GenEffects (2019-2020)

Intervention effects on movement and sitting behaviour of children and adolescents: A gender-sensitive, systematic review – Subproject B Reviews of politics, environment and multilevel governance.


KOMM (2019-2020)

Systematic preparation, analysis and communication of the places and motivation for movement as well as the needs of multipliers of physical activity promotion.


Logo MOVE Projekt MOVE (2011-2014)
European Physical Activity Promotion Forum.


logo-paseo PASEO (2009-2011)
The aim of the EU-funded PASEO project is to improve the implementation of programmes to promote physical activity among inactive older people by building the necessary political capacities.


logo-impala IMPALA (2009-2010)
The IMPALA project aims to identify and disseminate good practice in the development of sports facilities and infrastructures for physical activity.


logo-eunaapa EUNAAPA (2006-2008)
The general objective is to improve the health, well-being and independence of older people in Europe.

Logo_DOSB ZUG (2013-2016)
“Immigrants and Remained” – Promoting Physical Activity for Older Migrants


Logo Sport-Kog Sport & Kog (2008-2010)
The study investigates the effect of a multimodal exercise program and telephone exercise counselling on health, cognition and well-being in patients with early Alzheimer’s dementia.


logo-sbk Telephone physical activity coaching (2006)*
In this project, a telephone physical activity coaching for adults with little mobility was conceived and tested.


logo-sbk Workplace health promotion (2006)*
Workplace health promotion at SIEMENS and the SIEMENS-Betriebskrankenkasse (SBK).


Barmer – Physical activation for adults with little mobility (2005-2006)*
The aim was to develop a screening instrument for the identification and characterisation of adults with little mobility.

Logo WHO World Health Organization (WHO) –
Global Surveillance

Development of international recommendations for measuring physical activity.


Gesundheitsbericht-bayern Bavarian Health Reporting (2005)*

A study on regional differences in health behaviour in Bavaria.


logo-eurobarometer EUROBAROMETER (2002-2003)*

Collection and analysis of comparable data on physical activity in the 15 Member States of the European Union (2002).


eupass EUPASS – European Physical Activity Surveilance System (1998-2001)*

Comparison of different measurement tools to measure physical activity in 8 EU Member States. Preparation of an EU-wide health monitoring on physical activity.

logo-isep Sport development planning in Germany (2001-2018)
Sport development planning is a targeted methodical procedure to secure the infrastructural framework conditions (space, offer and organisation) for sport and physical activity of the population.

logo-bisp QM in the Talent System – Regional Project (2004-2005)*

The project builds on the previous international comparison of the screening and promotion of young talent in Australia, China, Germany and the USA. The aim was to use the insights gained there on deficits in the German talent system to specifically improve talent search, selection and promotion. This was done as an example for the Middle Franconia region.


logo-bisp QM in the talent system – international comparative study (2002-2003)*

Comparison of the quality of screening and promotion of young talent in Australia, China, Germany and the USA.

DTU-Logo_2014 Deutschen Triathlon Union (DTU) (2003-2005)*

Sport psychological consultation and support of the Olympic squad of the German Triathlon Union (DTU).


logo-bisp Psychological Training in Triathlon (2001-2003)*

Review of the applicability of psychological trainings for the triathlon change.


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