Systematic preparation, analysis and communication of the places and motivation for physical activity as well as the needs of multipliers of physical activity promotion

Come on … move!

The project ” Systematic data collection, analysis and communication of places and motivations for physical activity and needs of change agents for physical activity promotion” (KOMM) aims to close existing knowledge gaps in the area of locations and motives for physical activity and needs of physical activity promotion actors by pooling expertise and unique to date data on movement behavior in Germany. This includes collection of data sets from nationwide studies on the movement behavior of the German population and conduction of systematic reviews and interviews. One systematic review aims to identify location of physical activity and to examine the time children, adolescents and adults spent being physically active within these locations. Another systematic review investigates the impact of built environmental factors on physical activity in males and females.

The results will be presented to the target group in the form of a brochure and a homepage with videos, recommendations and education documents. This processing of the results enables an efficient transfer from science to practice and is a central concern of the project. The implementation was ensured in advance by a large number of cooperation partners from the sports practice.

Partners: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Funding: Federal Ministry of Health

Funding period: 2019 – 2020

Project website: https://komm-beweg-dich.de