Sailing course info

The following overview provides information about sailing at University Sports at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg:


Conditions of participation

From April to October, training courses and regattas take place at FAU’s Pleinfeld Water Sports Centre on Lake Brombach.

The sailing courses are open to all students and members of Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg and the universities of applied sciences integrated in University Sports. Free training places can also be made available to members of the University Sports Support Association and the members of other universities.

In order to take part in the sailing activities of FAU’s University Sport, participants must confident swimmers and have no eardrum damage!

Sailing at FAU University Sport is based on “reciprocity”, it includes mutual support for each individual participant, wherever necessary and requested (e.g. boat construction and dismantling, mooring and casting off, launching). It also requires the help of every single participant, otherwise the programme cannot be carried out so cost-effectively with the given financial and personnel resources. Thus each participant in sailing at the Water Sports Centre is expected to get involved according to his or her abilities.
Participants in sailing sport at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg agree to observe the sailing regulations and house rules of the Water Sports Centre.

Course times and duration

Training courses (GK and AK) usually last 5 days each, while SPI courses and KAT courses last 2 1/2 days. The education and training takes place partly as a day course, weekend course or week-long course. Day courses are from 9 am to 6 pm. The weekend courses start on Friday afternoon in consultation with the course instructor and finish at 6 pm. There is usually only a short break for lunch.

Punctuality is essential! Those who arrive too late will lose their right to a boat site! The courses take place in any weather, unless they are officially cancelled (by email or telephone).


Registration for all courses is available only. Registration begins at the beginning of the respective summer semester.
You can find the courses offered and the registration form on the website of FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg University Sports: Course offering and registration.

Terms of payment and cancellation

Further information and explanations about “Payment and Account” as well as “Cancellation and Refund” can be found online under University Sports/Conditions of participation.

Meeting point and arrival

The meeting point for the courses is Pleinfeld Water Sports Centre, Am Brombachsee 6, 91785 Pleinfeld (Phone: +49 (0)9144-924403).
The journey can be made either by car or by train (Regionalexpress ER-N-Pleinfeld) – carpooling is a good option.

For the train journey from Erlangen to Pleinfeld, a travel time of just over an hour must be taken into account. The regional express trains runs almost every hour. On weekends, Deutsche Bahn offers the Bayernticket at a reasonable price and VAG offers the weekend ticket.
The Water Sports Centre can be reached on foot from the railway station in approx. 25 minutes, by bicycle in approx. 10 minutes past Landhotel Sonnenhof; at the next junction turn left to the edge of the forest and from there follow the marked forest path directly to the lake.

For a description of how to get there by car, please see Directions.

Board and lodging

On the ground floor, of the Water Sports Centre there are 2 seminar rooms, changing rooms, washrooms, showers and toilets. On the upper floor there is a small kitchen for preparing hot drinks and food and a cafeteria.

Ellingen brewery has a registered right to serve beer in the building of the Water Sports Centre. A variety of inexpensive drinks are available from this brewery. Own drinks (like beer, wine, lemonade, coke, mineral water) may not be brought into the building.

A limited number of guests can be accommodated on emergency beds in the Water Sports Centre after consultation with the course instructor. You will need a pillow and a warm sleeping bag.


Headgear, sunglasses and sun cream are indispensable for sunny days. When it is warm, Bermuda shorts, t-shirts and sneakers with slip-resistant, light-coloured soles can be worn (barefoot sailing is not permitted due to the risk of injury!).

For the cool and rainy days, sailor’s rainwear, warm underwear, long trousers, a sweater and cap as well as non-slip boat boots or neoprene shoes are required. A change of clothing (underwear, trousers and a sweater) is strongly recommended.

It is advisable to use only garments made of breathable synthetic fibres without cotton or wool, as they guarantee dry skin and dry quickly again after wet conditions.

Neoprene suits can be rented for a fee. A pair of (short or long) trousers must be worn over them to protect them!

Only what is absolutely necessary should be carried on board (in a protective container), as rough seas and capsizing can result in the loss of items! To protect the crew from injury, drinks on board are only permitted in plastic or cardboard containers.

Insurance and liability

Students who are fully enrolled in a fully qualified sports course have accident insurance cover under the statutory accident insurance scheme as course participants. There is no insurance cover for other participants or for times outside the lessons.

Information on this can be found in the University Sports brochure and online under Liability/Accident insurance

Liability insurance has been taken out for the boats; liability applies in the event of damage to other boats and persons.
In the case of gross negligence and wilful misconduct, liability must be assumed for any damage arising from accidents caused by the participant. Comprehensive insurance is not in place.
The protection of valuables must be taken care of by the insured person. The University cannot accept any liability for theft or loss.

The following right-of-way rule must be strictly observed when sailing:

If there is a danger of a collision between two sailing boats, the following applies:

  • If two sailboats are sailing with the wind from the same side, the windward side must avoid the leeward side!
  • If two sailboats are sailing with the wind from different sides, the boat that has the wind from port must dodge!

“Storm warning”

Storm warning is given as a “caution signal” and “storm signal” by flashing the flashing lights arranged around the lake.

Caution signal (“Prewarning”):
Flashing light with approx. 40 intervals per minute (= “long flashing sequence”)

The “caution signal” is an indication of the probable occurrence of (abruptly occurring) storm winds without a closer time specification. It is also indicated by the flag “Sierra”. The life jackets must be strapped down immediately, loose objects must be stowed or fastened on board, proximity to the port must be sought, if necessary the mainsail reefed and the further development of the weather must be observed thoroughly.

Storm signal (“storm warning”):
Flashing light with approx. 90 intervals per minute (= “short flashing sequence”)

The “storm signal” announces an immediate storm hazard and is indicated by the flag “Hotel”. In this case the boat must enter the port immediately and the necessary security measures must be taken: Secure the boat, lift up the centreboard and lower the sails (secure the jib to the forestay and set up the mainsail).

8 terms

“port side” left “starboard side” right
“leeward” away from the wind “windward” to the wind
“halyard” rope to set sail “sheet” rope to operate sail
“bear away” turn away from the wind “come up” turn to the wind



The house rules and sailing regulations are to be observed conscientiously! Please pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Treat the rooms and furnishings of the Water Sports Centre with care and ensure that they are clean! Those who come after you would also like to enjoy the magnificent Water Sports Centre
  • Please note the smoking ban in the Water Sports Centre
  • Pay attention to strict waste separation
  • Take off wet clothes and shoes before entering the Water Sports Centre
  • Protect the boats when entering by wearing sneakers or rubber boots with a white sole and make sure that you do not bring any dirt on board on your shoes
  • Protect the boats from damage by keeping the fenders free and by spreading them out when mooring and casting off
  • Ensure cleanliness at and in the lake and observe the bird protection and bathing zones and the legal information on sailing provided by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment.
  • Support us in the procurement of material, boats and equipment by making a donation or by joining the “Förderverein Wassersportzentrum Pleinfeld
  • Sign up to our sailing mailing list. Here you will find the current sailing information of FAU’s Pleinfeld Water Sports Centre. As a member, you can contact other members, receive the latest news, access important files and view photo presentations.