Sailing licences

Various sailing licences can be obtained at FAU’s training and further education courses at Pleinfeld Water Sports Centre.

Uni sailing licence

The uni sailing licence is issued by the General German University Sports Association and offered by several German universities; it is a high-quality sailing licence for inland waters without motorboat testing (PDF). The sailing centres of the universities want to ensure high-quality uniform sailing education through this sailing licence in order to protect their valuable boat material and to establish a sound basis for further education courses (Sailing Plus and Catamaran) and for the skipper and sailing instructor training. The uni sailing licence allows its owners to rent sailing boats and to participate in further training courses.

VDWS basic licence for a dinghy

The VDWS basic licence for a dinghy entitles the licence holder to free sailing at WSpZ as well as at all VDWS water sports stations worldwide.

Catamaran licence

The catamaran courses can be completed with the acquisition of the catamaran licence of the Water Sports Centre. Possession of the catamaran licence allows you to borrow Hobie Cat 16 from the FAU Water Sports Centre. Exam contents, dates and costs will be announced in the courses.

SBF-Lake and SKS

In cooperation with FAU, Hochschulsegelgruppe Erlangen e.V. offers sport courses for the exam for the sport boat licence lake (SBF-Lake) with motorboat test and sports coastal shipping licence (SKS). More information about dates, costs and participation can be found on the HSGE website.

Board and lodging

There is a variety of inexpensive drinks available.