Integrative patient education to optimize inpatient rehabilitation in chronic back pain

The aim of the project is the multicentre implementation of a specific integrative patient training programme for the development of self-management skills in back pain as well as the evaluation of its effectiveness in comparison to the usual procedure in inpatient rehabilitation. The quasi-experimental design will be implemented in five rehabilitation clinics over a period of three years. Within the framework of a control and intervention phase, the variables relevant for self-management competence are collected at the beginning (t1) and end (t2) of rehabilitation and in the 12-month catamnesis (t3).

Period: 2007-2010
Project manager: Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeifer
Project staff: Jana Semrau (born Hofmann) M.A., Dr. Heiner Vogel, Dr. Karin Meng, Dipl.-Psycho. Jana Buchmann
Cooperation partners: Prof. Dr. Dr. Herrmann Faller (Univ. Würzburg), Dr. Hartmut Bork (Asklepios Klinik Schaufling)
Sponsor: German Pension Insurance Federation