The project “Physical activity-related health competence in apprenticeship & vocational education“ (acronym: PArC-AVE) is a subproject of the research association “Capital4Health – Capabilities for active lifestyle: An interactive knowledge-to-action research network for health promotion“.


The primary aim of PArC-AVE is the development of Physical Activity-related Health Competence (PAHCO) among apprentices in nursing care and automotive mechatronics. For this purpose, (a) physical activity-related interventions for apprentices and (b) an inter-professional education system (World Health Organization, 2010) for stakeholders will be developed and implemented based on individually identified needs in the vocational education setting.

Both interventions will be evaluated with regard to their effects on PAHCO and other defined target outcome parameters. To improve sustainability and transfer, cooperative planning processes involving the target group as well as actors from science and politics are an integral component of the development of both interventions. In addition, a cross-sectional survey on PAHCO among apprentices in nursing care and automotive mechatronics as well as semi-structured interviews with apprentices and central stakeholders will be conducted.

These participatory developed and evidence-based measures for the promotion of PAHCO of apprentices, including suitable provided media and materials, can be used in the practice of vocational education. This contributes to ensuring the employability of apprentices and improves the competitiveness of companies. The behavioural and setting-based approach with systematic addressing and participating the target groups (apprentices, stakeholders) facilitates the sustainable transfer into practice. The concept of health literacy is theoretically extended by relevant physical activity-related core constructs for the sustainable development of a physically active lifestyle and, furthermore, empirically analysed.


Project duration: 2015-2018
Project manager: Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeifer
Project staff: Johanna Popp, Johannes Carl, Jana Semrau, Karina Stühler
Cooperation partner: Prof. Dr. Eckart Severing, Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (f-bb)
Project partners: Centre for Vocational Education, Ingolstadt; AUDI AG’s Centre for Vocational Education, Ingolstadt
Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Poster PArC-AVE