Sensorimotor treadmill training in neurological rehabilitation in persons with Morbus Parkinson (StaBLE)

Neurodegenerative diseases are usually associated with motor disorders. The patient’s ability to walk is particularly often affected, which leads to reduced mobility, more difficult participation and a loss of quality of life. The causes of a walking disorder are based on deficits in sensorimotor control, which are particularly expressed in a reduced ability to balance and impairment of neuromuscular control. The so-called sensorimotor training tries to counteract this by constantly changing motor requirements. The aim of the study is to investigate whether sensomotorically enriched training on a novel treadmill is superior to conventional treadmill training in terms of improving walking ability.

Period: 2013 –
Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeifer
Project staff: Dr. Simon Steib, Sarah Klamroth
Cooperation partner: Universitätsklinik Erlangen – Molecular Neurology Department (Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Winkler, PD Dr. med. Jochen Klucken)
Sponsor: German Neurology Foundation (DSN)