Media evidence-based concepts

Development of media for the dissemination of evidence-based concepts for exercise therapy in rehabilitation

As the most comprehensive intervention element, exercise therapy represents an important component of medical rehabilitation. To date, however, there are hardly any exercise therapy concepts that systematically implement the attachment to a physically active lifestyle and the closely related development of movement related health competence. Against this background, evidence-based concepts for exercise therapy for rehabilitation-relevant indication areas were developed in a previous project (Pfeifer, Geidl, Hendrich, Hofmann et al., 2009).

The aim of the project was to formally evaluate the existing concepts of a modern behavioral exercise therapy for the two indication areas “hip/knee TEP” and “type 2 diabetes/obesity”, to implement them in a clinic for testing purposes and to further develop the existing media and materials for patients and therapists.

Period: 2010-2012
Project manager: Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeifer
Project staff: Dr. Wolfgang Geidl, Simon Hendrich
Cooperation partners: Frankenland-Klinik Bad Windsheim (CA Dr. med Rainer Tischendorf), Saale-Klinik Bad Kissingen (OA Dr. Rudolf Hermann), Fachklinik Herzogenaurach (CA Prof. Dr. Bernd Kladny), Schönklinik Bad Staffelstein (CA Dr. Stefan Middeldorf), Rehabilitationsklinik Lautergrund (CA Dr. Manfred Büdenbender)
Sponsor: German Pension Insurance Federation