SENSABLE – Sensorimotor abilities following injuries to the lower extremities

Sports injuries, especially to the lower extremities, are the most common cause of training and competition failures in the field of game sports. The prevention of (re-)occurrence is therefore of central importance. Deficits in sensorimotor control are regarded as an important injury factor and have been proven in the long term after knee and ankle injuries. The findings of this work should contribute to clarifying the question of the influence of physical fatigue on various aspects of sensorimotor control and the connection between this and the increased risk of reinjury among athletes with previous injuries.

Period: 2009-2012
Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeifer
Project staff: Dr. Simon Steib, Prof. Dr. Astrid Zech (Hamburg University / Jena University)
Cooperation partner: Universitätsklinik Erlangen – Trauma Surgery Department (Prof. Dr. med. F. Hennig, PD Dr. med. Götz Welsch, Dr. med. Andreas Mauerer)