Physical activity promotion in the German health care system –
Establishing pathways of exercise prescription for people with non-communicable diseases


To develop, implement and evaluate an exercise prescription scheme to promote physical activity for people with non-communicable diseases (NCD). The resulting model or models are to be transferred into the routine practice of the healthcare system and thus sustainably anchored. As a result, the intention is to achieve the greatest possible public health impact.

The exercise prescription model will be tested and evaluated at the regional level, and a concept for transfer to other regions will be developed at the end of the project.

Based on scientific evidence, the project addresses the current national (National Recommendations for Physical Activity) and international recommendations (WHO – Global Action Plan on Physical Activity) for increased systematic use of physical activity as part of health care.


As sponsor of the BewegtVersorgt project, The Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) is pursuing the goal of making the health potential of physical activity known to the entire population, with the funding priority “Movement and the Promotion of Physical Activity”.

All relevant stakeholders in the health care system, potential providers of physical activity and affected persons will be involved in the conceptual and content development as well as the preparation of the implementation and evaluation plan via a participation approach. In the implementation phase, the provision of physical activity will be implemented together with all stakeholders within the framework of a regional pilot project. Based on the results of the evaluation, a scaling concept for the transfer into regular use will be developed. In terms of participatory health promotion, this approach increases the chances of securing sustainability.

Development of an exercise prescription scheme using a participatory research approach. Implementation and evaluation of a pilot project by way of a “Pragmatic Trail”.

The first phase includes the participatory development of an exercise prescription model for people with NCD. The relevant stakeholders in the health system (doctors, funding agencies, care providers) as well as the potential providers of physical activity (physical therapists, organised sports, fitness facilities) will be involved in the conceptual and content development including the preparation of an implementation and evaluation plan.

In the implementation phase, the concept of exercise prescription will be implemented, tested and evaluated with a pilot project within the region.

Based on the evaluation results, a dissemination and scaling-up concept for the transfer at the national level will be developed.


from left to right: Dr. Karim Abu-Omar, Eriselda Mino, Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeifer, Inga Naber, Dr. Peter Gelius, Sarah Klamroth, Dr. Wolfgang Geidl


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Project team:

Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeifer (Principal investigator)
PD Dr. Karim Abu-Omar (Principal investigator)
Dr. Sarah Klamroth (Project coordinator)
Dr. Anja Weißenfels (Project coordinator)
Eriselda Mino
Inga Naber
Dr. Wolfgang Geidl
Dr. Peter Gelius


Project partners:

BLÄK – Bavarian Chamber of Physicians
BHÄV – Bavarian Family Doctors Association e.V.
BSÄV – Bavarian Sports Physician Federation e.V.
AOK Bayern – Health Insurance Fund
DAK-Gesundheit – Representative for the State of Bavaria
DOSB – German Olympic Sports Federation e.V.
DVGS – German Association for Health Sports and Sports Therapy e.V.
IFK – Federal Association of Independent Physiotherapists e.V.
VDB – Physiotherapy Association e.V.
DDH-M – German Diabetes Aid – People with Diabetes e.V.
ZePG – Patient Training and Health Promotion Centre e.V.
Deutsche Rheuma-Liga Landesverband Bayern e.V. – German Rheumatism League Bavarian State Association e.V.



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